Get started with crypto safely.

Crypto: here’s how to make your money work for you.

It's no secret crypto is taking the world by storm lately. Filling pockets. Changing lives.

And now you want in before it's too late. I get it and I want that for you too.

In my honest opinion, crypto gives ordinary, everyday people a fair shot at becoming filthy rich.

Sounds too good to be true still?!

Yep, that's what I thought before I got involved and learned about the epic potential of it.

And was I wrong.

Now, before I give you my insider scoop, let me just clarify one thing: I'm not a financial advisor.

What am I then?

I'm just a guy on the internet with an opinion who wants you to do well in life.

And because my inbox has been flooded with people asking me about crypto lately, here you have it. My two cents on how to get a piece of the cake.

Again, this isn't financial advice.
But, if you’re looking for the safest way to make money long-term with crypto (while there's still time to make massive gains). Go ahead, read on.

Step 1


Get Celcius


Store crypto and earn up to 18.5% a year, paid out weekly with Celcius.

Interest will be automatically reinvested so it compounds.

You can withdraw your money anytime, it is not locked in!

Don't use Coinbase to store your assets. If you already own any crypto currency transfer them to Celsius and earn considerable interest. 


Sign up and earn $20 in Bitcoin with your first transfer of $200.

Click the button below.


Step 2


Get Binance

 Buy as much BTC (Bitcoin) , ETH (Etherium) and ADA (Cardano) as you can without breaking your wallet from Binance.


A good and safe portfolio consists of 

20% Bitcoin (BTC) 

30% Ethereum (ETH) 

50% Cardano (ADA) 


Best place to buy ADA is Binance right now.


Sign up to Binance by clicking the button below. 


Step 3

Invest monthly



Once you’ve completed step 1 and 2, consistently put funds into those two accounts - every month. 

With your Celsius app, buy Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) and with your Binance app buy Cardano (ADA). Oh, and hold on...

Don't try to trade if you have no experience trading. This is too high risk.

What we’re doing here is using an investing strategy called "Dollar Cost Averaging". 

Lean more about this strategy here. 

For best results, if you earn £2000 a month, take 20% (£400) and divide that into BTC, ETH & ADA  (50% 20% 30%).


Buy consistently for the next 12 months - no matter what the price is.


Overtime, your average buy-in will be lower. 

This is a 5 to 10 year plan. Crypto is the future whether you like it not. So just don’t miss out anymore, okay? 

If you are confused by anything or need 1 on 1 support just message me. I promise to get to it, after I've tended to my daily software gigs and massaged my partner’s feet.

   Why Cardano, Ethereum and Bitcoin?

In an interview with Cardano founder and Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson… 


They discuss the Cardano roadmap, the important people behind Cardano and more. They cover the latest Cardano (ADA) news and developments. And also talk about the completion of the Shelley Phase of the Cardano roadmap and what it means.


Find out what's next for Cardano and in which direction it’s headed.


Cardano is trying to change the game when it comes to blockchain technology.


Charles Hoskinson talks about Cardano’s competitive advantages and why Cardano can emerge as the BEST blockchain platform. 


Go get this money, baby. 


It's not too late to secure your family's future...


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